Rigging trim system on Cessna 180 / 185:

With the BOTTOM bolts installed on jacks screws(heads inboard and nuts outboard), and the top bolts removed.  Leave the eccentric bushing OUT, hold stabilizer in the full up position with a block of wood  under stabilizer.  Pull all chain forward on the LEFT side.  Without moving chain position, screw jack screw barrels so that they approximately line up with the top mounting holes on the stabilizer.  temporarily attach jackscrews and stabilizer with a bolt (still without eccentric bushings), this is just to keep jackscrew barrels from spinning while the next steps are done.  Remove the block holding stabilizer up.  Route trim cables back through pulley standoffs, making sure they are not crossed or wrapped around other cables or wires.   to reconnect turn buckles and snug up cable tension(You may move cables forward or backwards).  Double check that cables are not wrapped around anything or crossed.   Work trim wheel through full forward and back travel limits, checking for any binding.  Roll trim wheel full forward, then set with 3 links showing behind left sprocket(you may have to turn jackscrew barrels down, if the stabilizer is hitting the UP stop).  Go back to stabilizer and place block under it again, remove the top bolts.   Lift stabilizer to full up position and block there.  Next, you only have to line up one jack screw in this step, the other one will get matched to this setting latter.  With one hand push stabilizer up against stop. look to see which jack screw is closest to being lined up with top holes.  Make note of which way the closest one needs to go.  Reinstall bolts temporarily and remove block.  Run stabilizer about half way down with trim wheel, remove top bolts and block stabilizer up.   Adjust jackscrew barrels however much you noted in previous step.  Insert eccentric bushing with thin side down.  remove block and temporarily reinstall bolts again.  Run trim wheel full forward and check to see how many links are showing behind left sprocket.  If more than 3 links are showing you need to turn jack screw barrel down.  If less than 3 links are showing you need to turn jackscrew barrel up.   Repeat these steps until you have 3 links behind left sprocket with trim wheel rolled full forward, this is very important because if it is not set right you will not have full stabilizer travel in one direction or the other.  Once you are happy with the setting of the one jackscrew, set stabilizer back down to middle position, remove top bolts and block up.  Go back and match the other jackscrew to the one you set in the preceding steps.  insert eccentric bushing, remove block and put a bolt through through the first jackscrew you set.  Turn eccentric bushing on second jackscrew and see if it will line up, if it won't, turn eccentric one first jackscrew. If you still can't get it to lineup, give second jackscrew a half turn and repeat previous steps until they line up exactly.  Once this is set, install bolts with heads inboard and nuts outboard, install washers and nuts.  Run trim full forward check for 3 links showing behind left sprocket, then run full back and see if stabilizer is fully down in front.   Grease chain and close all access plates.